Exam Term FAQ

Exam term is on us again, or for the first time for those lucky freshers…

Here is a list of useful information for those who have never sat university exams before, or who have blocked the experience from their minds. Don't forget, if you have any questions about anything, or feel that instructions for anything are unclear, contact the Academic Affairs officer, Welfare officer, your tutor or the Senior Tutor for more information.

How can I found out when/where my exam is?

You should receive a yellow examinations sheet from the college tutorial office in exam term outlining dates, times and locations of exams. The details are also published in a special edition of the Reporter, and this can be found at http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/reporter.

If you have not received your yellow sheet, please contact the T&A office as soon as possible, or the Academic Affairs officer.

Where can I find out directions to my exam halls?

Find out in advance of the exam where they are and how long it will take you to get there. There are maps of the university on the websitewww.cam.ac.uk/map, but if your exam is in a place not listed there, or you are still not sure where it is, contact the CUSU Academic Affairs officer for details.

What if my nightmare is true and I am late for the exam?

You can enter the exam room up to 30 minutes late. If you know you are going to miss the start of your exam, tell the porters, college nurse, tutor or senior tutor immediately - the College will then ensure that you get to the exam as soon as possible.

The Examiners will phone the College if you do not turn up for an exam.

What can I take into the exam?

You can take in pens, pencils, a bottle of water, a ruler, any stationary needed for that particular exam, the yellow exam list, a clear see through pencil case, and a watch/ quiet timing device.

What if I can't make the exam because of a religious obligation?

The University can make arrangements to allow for religious requirements which would create difficulties for sitting a paper at certain times.

What if I have a special requirement for exams?

If for example you need food at regular intervals, suffer from excessive fatigue and need regular breaks, are unable to access the exam site, need the exam in a different format, require dictation facilities or any other such requests, contact your tutor, college nurse, JCR Academic Affairs officer or the relevant officer at CUSU who will make the relevant arrangements.

What if I am ill during exam term?

There are many mechanisms in place to deal with illness at any time during exam term. Contact your tutor, the college nurse or the JCR Academic Affairs officer for more details. Your tutor will have the most comprehensive info however, so go to them in preference.