If you’re thinking of applying then there are plenty of ways to find out more about the College and the University. There’s a lot of myths out there about studying at Cambridge, and it’s important to understand that a lot of them are complete rubbish. We’re not all geniuses, we’re not all rich, and all of us do more than just work. What unites all Cambridge students is their drive and ambition, and the university provides a great environment in which to excel, both on an academic and extracurricular basis. Your college will be your home for the time you’re at Cambridge and choosing a home is an important (and not always easy) task!

These pages aim to give you a comprehensive look at Downing College life from an undergraduate perspective – for more information about courses and the university, you might want to consider the University Alternative Prospectus, the BeCambridge website, and the main university website. Other sources of information include:

  • OPEN DAYS – Open days allow you to see the colleges, the town, and to meet and chat to current students. Cambridge organises 100+ open days throughout the year for faculties and Colleges. Details of Downing-specific open days can be found here. In addition, students from Southwest England have the opportunity to attend an annual residential visit taking place in late June.
  • ASK-A-STUDENT – If you have a specific question about a Colleges or course that you just aren’t able to find, and don’t particularly want to ask a member of staff, then the Cambridge Ask-A-Student scheme allows students from all Colleges and subjects to answer your questions. You can find it here, or ask the JCR Access Officer by emailing [email protected].
  • SHADOWING SCHEME – The Shadowing Scheme allows UK students without a tradition of top university entry to Cambridge for three days in February, 'shadowing' a current student with their lectures, supervisions, and extracurricular activities. Information can be found here.