Previous Committees

2023/24 Committee

President: Ruari Wilson
Vice-President: Lauren Herd/Margaret Fearnley
Treasurer: Ram Rajesh
Academic Affairs & Careers Officer: Pawel Lisowski
Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers: Elizabeth Hollis and Ella Mann
Gender Equalities Officers: Sara Joy and Jasmine Hewartson
Disabilities Officer: LT Stockmann
Communications Officer: ​Thomas Dunnett
Accommodation and Services Officer: ​Frankie Hill
Ents Officers: Finn Lavington and Diana Reed
LGBT+ Officers: Sofia Rooke-Ley and Joash Hanciles
Access Officer: Mia Urwin
Green Officers: Sarah Carr
International Officers: ​Drishtant Chakraborty and Melvin Liam
Black and Ethnic Minorities Officers: Denise Robalo and Mia Verma
Sports Officer: Olly Tonge
Freshers' Officers: Aaron Ford and Lucas Ng
Internet Officer: Tom Mills

2022/23 Committee

President: Liam McClain
Vice-President: Ishbel Howard
Treasurer: Alexander Morgan
Academic Affairs & Careers Officer: Max Holley
Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers: Ciara Scrutton and Maddie McHaffie
Gender Equalities Officers: Emily Finston and Tabitha Chopping
Disabilities Officer: ​Eleanor Bartram
Communications Officer: Imogen Grimes
Accommodation and Services Officer: ​Oliver James
Ents Officers: Alex Powell and Gina Stock
LGBT+ Officers: Ajay Gill and Tilly White
Access Officer: Daisy Dunworth
Green Officers: Antonia Eckley and Miles Pearce
International Officers: ​Letty Sun and Zhewen Yuan
Black and Ethnic Minorities Officers: Joash Hanciles and Aleena Islam
Sports Officer: Ella Young
Freshers' Officers: Ruari Wilson and Ellen Withington
Internet Officer: Ansh Sharma

2020/21 Committee

President: Mateo Austin
Vice-President: Bry Sheridan
Treasurer: Francesca Cahill
Academic Affairs & Careers Officer: Matt Paul
Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers: Clem Dean and Zadie Loft
Gender Equalities Officers: Eve Herzberg and Maz Porter
Disabilities Officer: Sam Creswick
Communications Officer: Sophia Slater
Services Officer: Tammy Smutna
Ents Officers: Scarlett Walker and Yonina Jaffe
LGBT+ Officers: Sam Goldsmith and Nessa Tsang
Access Officer: Archie Wise
Green Officers: Lottie Buttle and Georgie Jackson
Griffin Editors: Daniel Pearce and Shannon Rawlins
International Officers: Polina Abrosimova and Aurelia Eulenberg
Black and Ethnic Minorities Officers: Lati Gutta and Savanna Patel
Sports Officer: Izzy Taylor
Freshers' Officers: Alex George and Leila Lawrence
Internet Officer: Lawrence Brown

2019/20 Committee

President: Cam O'Connor
Vice-President: Barney Walker
Treasurer: Dan Mayers
Academic Affairs & Careers Officer: Kimberley Jones
Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers: Mateo Austin and Priya Edwards
Gender Equalities Officers: Zoe Matt-Williams and Bry Sheridan
Disabilities Officer: April Jakso
Communications Officer: Matt Moore
Ents Officers: Ewan Ferguson and Ollie Winters
LGBT+ Officers: Jay Chiswick and Saachi Sennik
Access Officer: Sophie Hoath
Green Officers: Jake Buckton and Martha Oakes
Griffin Editors: Ffion Edwards and Sophie Fenton
International Officers: Nat Cartwright and Gauhrishi Narang
Black and Ethnic Minorities Officers: Shaan Mann and Jai Shende
Sports Officer: Daniel Owen
Freshers' Officers: Fraser Rosser-Smyth and Scarlett Walker
Internet Officer: John Cooper

2018/19 Committee

President: Jed Soleiman
Vice-President: Alistair Hyde
Treasurer: Sacha Hopkins-Powell
Welfare Officers: Jane O'Connor, Georgie Thorpe
Women’s Officer(s): Anna Gelband, Naomi Wilson
LGBT+ Officer(s): April Jakso, Liam Plimmer
Black and Ethic Minorities Officer(s): Priya Edwards, Sohum Patel
Disabilities Officer: Catherine Leake
Communications Officer(s): Kimberley Jones, Daniel Lindars
Services Officer: Barney Walker
Academic Affairs and Careers Officer: Declan Hickey
Access Officer(s): Meg Gibson, Eli Hayes
Freshers’ Officers: Sophie Fenton, Seth Follen
International Officers: Mateo Austin, Jan Janik
Entertainments Officers: Amelia Miller, Peter Scharrer
Griffin Editors: Covi Franklin, Oliver Rhodes
Green Officer(s): Eva Crowson
Sports Officer: Alastair Macdonald
Internet Officer: Cameron O'Connor

2017/18 Committee

President: Sofiya Gatens
Vice-President: Andrew Ying
Treasurer: Bertie Cooper
Welfare Officers: Abdullah Ahmed, Tash Thomas
Women’s Officer(s): Emma Lubega & Lucy Symington
LGBT+ Officer(s): Elliot Luke & Madeleine Hyde
Black and Ethic Minorities Officer(s): Anand Joshi & Zeyana Yussuf
Communications Officer: James Moore
Services Officer: Peter Scharrer
Academic Affairs and Careers Officer: Sarah Turner
Access Officer:Fergus O'Dowd
Freshers’ Officers: Asha Phakey & Ollie Winters
International Officers: Ioanna Droussiotou & Sophie Corrodi
Entertainments Officers: James Gill & Harriet Jackson
Griffin Editors: Nick Chevis & Manasij Hajra
Environmental Officer(s): Jed Soleiman
Sports Officer: Simon Bennett
Internet Officer: Shyam Tailor

2015/16 Committee

President: Medha Bhasin
Vice President: Jamie Carr
Treasurer: Katie Tidd
Services Officer: Daniel Kozelko
Academic Affairs Officer: Alfie Wright
LGBT Officer: Tom Meadows
Men’s Welfare Officer: Dan Stanyon
Women’s Welfare Officer: Natasha Collett
Ents Officer: Krisna Putra Dharma and Lauren Carter
Griffin Editors: Ellie Beveridge and Matt Jordan
Ethnic Minority Officer: Onkar Singh
Freshers Officers: Liv Thomas and Livvy Probert
International Officers: Gail Sucharitakul and Thea Zabell
Sports Officer: Joe Moorcraft-Moran
Green Officer: Tim Lornie
Communications Officer: Sanjukta Sen
Internet Officer: Liam Asman