JCR Newsletter - Week 4

Dear Downing,

We're nearly halfway there! The weather's looking pretty good too. Here's a few notices and bits of information for you.


 Just to clarify from the last notice on exam warning, I want to make clear that exam warning does not inflate the original grading given and does not make it to examiners. It is used too flag up problems in advance and are later used in appeal process.

2. NUS Referendum in College

 We've been having some discussions on the JCR committee about whether the undergraduate body of students at Downing should take an official stance on the issue of whether CUSU should disaffiliate from the National Union of Students. There is a feeling amongst some on the committee that we need to see whether there is appetite for that here.

Please could you fill out this one question survey: http://cambridge.eu.qualtrics.com//SE/?SID=SV_3F1K9iaBFWESVpP

We are going to treat this like a petition in the constitution, if 20 people think that we should have a referendum in college to make an official decision about which side we should support or neither, then we shall hold an online referendum as soon as possible.

3. Political Campaigning in College

With the EU referendum coming up, at the most recent General Purposes Committee there was discussion about the kinds of political campaigning allowed in college. The following was decided:

a) Putting leaflets in pigeonholes is fine, but (I will check to be sure) the leaflets need to be named and I would suggest checking with the porters first because they may prefer to distribute the leaflets themselves.

b) No posters may be put in windows or on notice boards in college, including the houses on Lensfield Road. 

4. Party Forms

 If you are planning to hold a garden party this term in college, and more generally hold events that require party forms, please do try to submit the to the Dean as soon as you can. The earlier these things are submitted, the easier it is the approve them.

5. Access via the Howard Gate

 At the last General Purposes Committee there was discussion about people from outside of Downing (and possibly outside the university) use the Howard gate as a short cut for their cycle route. There have been a number of near misses with pedestrians and altercations between fellows/staff and these cyclists. Moreover, there is evidence to suggest that people from the Downing site are using our bike racks instead of the Downing site ones, depriving Downing members of easily accessible bike storage. 

As a result, we reached the following decision which will need to be approved by Governing Body (with possible revisions to timings): Pre- 10.30am the Howard Gate will be card accessible only to Downing members and other approved people. From 10.30am to 4pm the gate will be accessible to all. Post 4pm it be card accessible only to Downing members and other approved people. Also, as a reminder, please don't cycle in college! Only fellows have permission to do so.

6. Downing Dramatic Society Applications 

A message from the DDS:

Downing Dramatic Society is opening up Week Three show applications for our 2016 Michaelmas Season. We are interested in applications for all types of theatre – musically-based work, comedy and new writing included, to be put on in Downing’s beautiful Howard Theatre next academic year. Should you receive the slot, the theatre would be available for week-long use, technical work and get-in being inclusive within that week. Please find the application form in the link below. The deadline for all applications is Wednesday 1st June, 6pm.


That's all for this week. As ever, if you have any queries, comments or concerns don't hesitate to contact me! Enjoy the weather and don't burn yourselves out working, you do deserve a break from time to time :)


Posted in JCR Newsletters on May 12, 2016